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Dog Duty offers fully customizable packages for our customers to ensure that all their needs are met. We provide pet care services for all pets, not just dogs and cats. In addition, we understand that a customer's pet care needs may change from time to time. With this in mind, we allow our customers to customize the services they wish to receive and the frequency that works best for them. All families have different needs and we will do whatever we can to make sure that your needs are met and that you are comfortable with the care that we are providing your pet. Want us to come everyday? Don't need us for a couple of months? Have multiple pets that you need help taking care of? No problem. We are here to help you take care of your pets in any way that we can.

Some of the services we provide include:

Pet sittingAnimal Waste Removal: We know how frustrating it can be to come home after a long day of work and see more work waiting for you in the backyard. Allow us to clean up your pet waste so that you can spend more time with your special little friend. We offer a weekly or one time service, or we can accommodate any schedule that you need. But what about the litter box? Not to worry we take care of that as well. Try our litter box cleaning service to take care of that pesky chore. Any other animals that you want cleaned up after? We will take care of it all from birds to rabbits.

Dog-Walking: No time to give your dog the exercise they need? Allow us to give your dog a walk and take care of it for you. We can go for as long as you like and as often as you like. We can take you dog for a walk around the neighborhood or to a favorite dog park. We bring water and treats to make sure that your dog has a great experience.

Bath: Sometime giving your dog a bath can be a major pain. We will be glad to clean your dog up nicely. Our bathing service includes a full bath and brush as well as minor grooming as requested.

Nail Trimming: We know how those long nails can wreak havoc on your nice hardwood floors. We will trim your animal's nails down so that they are comfortable and your furniture stays looking nice.

Pet Waste removalVacation Services: Finding someone responsible and trustworthy can be a difficult task when you are going on vacation. Allow us to take care of your pets and home while you are gone. We can come over everyday to feed and give water to your pet, as well as bring in the mail and take out the trash. If you are still uncomfortable with your animals staying by themselves then we will be glad to stay the night at your house. We will bring in the mail, take out the trash, and sleep over to make sure that your pets are as comfortable as possible. Any other chores that need to be done while you are gone can be negotiated, such as watering.

Pet Taxi: Sometimes your schedule can get to be a little bit overwhelming and your dog can suffer. We know what its like. If time is running a little low and you do not have time to get pet food, then allow us to deliver the food to your door. We can also bring your pet to a vet or grooming appointment when needed.

Call Today for a Complimentary Consultation at 408-480-4116 or email us.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Duke. Knowing he was in your care while I was gone was a great comfort to me and my roommates. You went above and beyond my expectations taking my long-distance calls, cleaning up after Duke, talking to my neighbors and your service has been truly invaluable. I will certainly call you whenever I need a hand with Duke and I will tell my friends about your business. Thanks so much!!!

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